Bulk Import & Export Products

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In this article, we will cover:

  • How to Import new product(s) data.
  • How to Export product(s) data.

How to Import new product(s) data

Consider the following product profile which is not showing any product record before import.

To import product data directly from a CSV file instead of manually adding each product record:

Step 1: Step-1: Log in to the Asaan Retail portal.

Step-2: Hover your cursor to the flyout menu on the left and click on the Import tab.

Step 3: On the pop-up window, set Data Type to products. Then, click on the Download Template button.

Step 4: After downloading the CSV file, open it > Read the instructions > Scroll down > Fill product data in the columns under relevant fields like:

Step 5: Enter all the details in relevant fields like:

  • SKU: The SKU must be unique for each product listed. (Mandatory)
  • Product Name: A short title for the product.  (Mandatory)
  • Category: The leaf category of the product.  (Mandatory)
  • Description: A text description of the product. 
  • Type: The type of the product can be: Inventory or Service (leave Empty in order to create as a simple inventory product or enter service/services to create as a service product).
  • Cost Price: The cost price of the product. Usually, it is the price at which inventory is purchased.
  • Selling Price: The selling price of the product (excluding the discount offers).
  • Re-order Threshold: The minimum threshold at which you intend to re-order inventory from the supplier. Once the threshold is crossed you will be notified with a 'low stock' notification.
  • Weight: The weight of the product (in KGs).
  • Image Link: The valid image URL to set as the product image on Asaan Retail.

Note: The 'columns' mentioning 'required' should not be left empty, otherwise it'll return an error.

(Type left empty because books are counted as inventory/simple products)

You can also create this table in Google Sheets. Don’t forget to download the Google Sheets file as CSV. (File > Download > Comma Separated Values - CSV)

Note: Do not remove the “#” sign before attribute names or the attribute name will be imported as product data or error will be reported in ‘products import report’.


Step 6: After setting up your product data in CSV file format. Select the file and upload it. (Make sure your Data Type is set to products and choose the right inventory location where you want to call the import of your products).

Step 7: To check whether the import is completed successfully, hover your cursor to the flyout menu on the left > Click on Sales > In the drop-down menu, click on products. You will get your imported product data along with the attributes you have chosen in the product profile.


How to Export product(s) data

To export your product data to your system:

Step 1: Step-1: Log in to the Asaan Retail portal.

Step 2: Hover your cursor to the flyout menu on the left and click on the Export tab.

Step 3: In the pop-up window, set Data Type to products and click on the Download button.




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